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how to get more facebook friends

5 Ways to Run Your Facebook Fan Page Into the Earth

I was reading a newsgroup post today and saw a grievance by an unsatisfied costumer of an organization. The man flew with an air business, they lost the baggage, had extremely lousy customer support and eventually he visited their Facebook Fan Page and ranted thereTo top it, they treated him quite badly, posting actually objectionable opinions, etc.

It was quite a poor experience for the man and certainly is not a means to run a Facebook Fan Page.This got me thinking about how to get more facebook friends a few other pages, I have seen over these few years ,I've been using Facebook, so I would like to remind all of us (not only you, but me also) what's a wrong method to run your Facebook Fan Page.

1. You've got no picture, information, link to your site/company

This is the largest difficulty on all societal websites I've used. It's among the top 10 reasons why you lose Twitter followers so why would Facebook be any distinct.

Depending upon your page's function, there are various pictures you'll be able to use. If the page is about you, you must place your picture on it. If it's a Facebook Fan Page for your business, you can place a symbol of your firm. If it's a page for your site, you'll be able to crop part of your header and use it as the page photograph ( in case you do not have a symbol and do not need your picture).

You must have information section filled in. You should tell folks what the page is about. Not everyone will find your page after they have seen your website. If a friend proposed the page to someone and he/she goes to check it out, it's the first encounter with your company. Be sure to tell your visitors about everything the page is about.


If you made the page to promote your site, online business, or anything online, you must have a link to it. Facebook is the most visited site on the planet and it can be an excellent source of visitors (income) for you. Be sure to show your visitors the road to your site.